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Custom Vinyl Banner Printing

Advertising has an impact. One of the many forms of advertising one sees is large custom vinyl banners on buildings. Brands compete on space and size with banner prints and billboards signs. The larger the better, because larger banners and signs can be seen from a distance and get the brand in front of the potential customer.

Banner prints can be used for businesses and personal, examples are Grand Opening banners or signs, and birthday banners. This is a cheap way to make your business known or advertise new services or products. We offer 13oz banners, 16oz banners, 18oz banners, single or double-sided.

We take pride in printing full-color Vinyl Banners. Vinyl in a matte finish with sizes ranging from 1' x 1' to a huge 150' x 16'. They are built to stand up to the elements. We offer a variety of finishing options, including hemming, grommets, and pole pockets.

We have several options for production times. 1-2 Days, 24 Hr Turnaround, which is common, we can even produce them the same day and ship it overnight. Order today and have it tomorrow, it's as simple as that.

We have streamlined the order process making it easier for you to order large format printing online. It will take you less than 5 minutes to order banner printing online.

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Note: Because of the wide potential size range of our large format products, there are additional file setup considerations. Proofs are typically shown as half size. For other details, please review the file setup section carefully.


  • Premium banner material
  • Up to 16' x 150' seamless
  • Double-sided printing (16 oz and 18 oz banner)
  • Indoor and outdoor use, waterproof and UV safe
  • Welding, grommets, pole pockets, rope, wind slits options are available



  • 13 oz vinyl banner
  • 15 oz vinyl banner
  • 18 oz vinyl banner (single or double-sided)


Vinyl Banners - Rush Production

Our vinyl banner has a next day production, which means if you order on a Monday by 5pm, it will ship on Tuesday, and you will receive it on Wednesday, that same week


Flush Cut

When your banner is produced it is done so with a flush cut. This is the only edge option for 18 oz vinyl banners due to the nature of the material.


Welded Hem

Welded hem gives your vinyl banner a smooth finished edge. However, it is only available on 13oz vinyl banners, and adding a welded hem to your banner is optional.


Singled Sided

When printing your design on a 13 or 18 oz vinyl banner, only one a single side will be printed out. Therefore leaving the backside of the banner blank. 


Pole Pocket

Depending on your end-use you may want to include pole pockets on your vinyl banner. Pole pockets are sewn and leave a flush-cut edge. When grommets are selected pole pockets are unavailable.



When hanging or attaching your custom vinyl banner during installation you may desire grommets on your banner. Grommets can be added every 2 feet, or in the 4 corners. When pole pockets are selected grommets are unavailable.



Banners are one of the easiest signage applications to install. Use cords, or strings to attach the corner grommets to a stationary object. You can also use screws and washers to install your banners to rigid backgrounds such as wood or concrete, or you can use zip ties or string to fasten them to fences or between posts.



To care for your custom banners, regularly clean them with warm water and allow them to air dry before storing. To easily store your banners, roll them up, and keep them in a dry area at room temperature. Any wrinkles in your banners should come out within a couple of hours in the sun or heat.


Additional Specs

Weight:                                       .09Ibs per square foot

Thickness:                                   .0156'' (about the thickness of 4 sheets of copy paper)

Tensile Strength:                       153 Ibs x 149 Ibs

Tear Resistance:                        67 Ibs x 64 Ibs 

Temperature Resistance:      -22F to 180F 

Estimated Lifespan:                 3+ years with proper care

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