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What Are Brushed Aluminum Signs

Brushed aluminum signs are made by printing any image or design onto a 3mm brushed aluminum e-panel material. This material is composed of 2 sheets of aluminum with a reinforced polyethylene core. This composition allows for maximum durability. Designed for both outdoor and indoor use brushed aluminum signs are mostly used for displaying business logos, titles, general information, etc. They work perfectly in stores, waiting rooms, bathrooms hallways, etc. 


Brushed Aluminum Features

Professional Brushed Appearance: Your custom brushed aluminum sign is finished off by a metallic brush, which creates a unique look that will for sure attract people's attention.

Easy to Install: Get your sign up in no time. Installing your custom brushed aluminum sign will take you a couple of minutes. The most popular method involves using standoffs, which are small metal posts that are designed to make your custom sign stand out from the wall.

Advanced Printing Process: UV ink which is an advanced 4 color printing process, and world-class printer. These are just a few options we use to guarantee beautiful signs and clears colors on your custom brushed aluminum signs.

Indoor and Outdoor Use: Your custom sign is made for outdoor and indoor use. In that case, it is also made to be fade-resistant and rust-free and could also stand up to rain, sunshine, and other elements.

Durable Polyethylene Core: Your brushed metal sign is composed of reinforced polyethylene plastic in between two sheets of aluminum. Therefore improving the durability and longevity making it much stronger than a standard aluminum sheet.


Additional Specs

Weight:                                   .54 lbs per square foot 

Thickness:                             .12" (about the thickness of 30 sheets of copy paper)

Details:                                    3mm brushed aluminum e-panel, reinforced Polyethylene core for maximum durability,                                                                                                                                                                                        printed directly to surface unless required by white text white ink is not printed.

Uses:                                        Interior and Exterior Use. Lobby and reception areas, building directories,                                                                                                                                                                                                            restroom signage, interior walls, and hallways including room number signs,                                                                                                                                                                                                         arenas, interior directional signage. 

Print Method:                            Four color process, eco-friendly, weather, fade, and abrasion resistant UV ink

Estimated Lifespan:                 5+ years with proper placement and care



The most common method of installing your brushed aluminum signs is to a rigid surface (using standoffs). For the installation, you'll need a measuring tape, a level, and a drill. After marking the location for where you intend your sign to be you could use the standoff package to install your metal sign. Simply put your anchor inside the standoff tube and then drill the screw and tube into the wall through the drilled holes on the sign. The last step is to screw on the caps of the standoffs by hand.



The best way to take care of your brushed aluminum sign is to install it in a place that will avoid scratches. If in need to clean your sign use a damp non-abrasive cloth. If wanting to store the sign, store it in a dry place at room temperature and it should also be covered with a non-abrasive cloth to avoid any scratches while being in storage.





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